Josh Edelson's Geology Photos

Update Jan 16, 2017: Until recently, the Lake Murray Spillway photos were mislabeled 40 Acre Rock, and they still are in the zip file.

This is an index of pictures taken by Josh Edelson in our Geology 201 class (Observing the Earth), taught by Dave Barbeau in Fall 2016. You can view the pictures here (they are split up into sections), or you can download them all (620MB). If you do decide to view them here and want to zoom in on something, make sure to click on the picture first, as this will load the full-resolution image. To access the Canon raw image files, download all of the images using the link above.


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Geology 201 Photos by Josh Edelson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.