Zorin OS

The support package and macOS layout is €20.


Higher on the list is better.

Dell XPS 13

LaptopMag Review

Screen size: 13.3 inch (1920x1080) (This one will also have the best colors.)

8GB RAM, 256GB Solid-State, i5 XPS 13

This is the best computer on this list (with the exception of some of the T460 upgrades), but it's also the most expensive (with the same exceptions) at $1050. It's also going to have slightly worse battery life than the others, but every computer on this list has battery life well above average.

8GB RAM, 128GB Solid-State, i5 XPS 13

If you're okay with a refurb, this is the cheapest on this list at $780, but is still a solid computer. It does, however, also have the smallest drive at 128GB and a less powerful CPU.

Lenovo Thinkpad T460

LaptopMag Review

Screen size: 14 inch (1366x768)

8GB RAM, 240GB Solid-State, i5 T460 (with Upgrade Options)

This has some options for upgrading. The one I have selected has a solid-state drive (which will be faster than a hard drive) and is $970. You can also change it to a 500 GB hard drive for $900.

4GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, i5 T460

This one is cheaper ($800) but only has 4GB of RAM, which may become a problem in a few years. You could, however, upgrade the RAM later.

Lenovo Thinkpad X260

LaptopMag Review

Screen size: 12.5 inch

8GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, i5, 1366x768 X260

This is a tiny laptop, and is less speedy than the others, but it will provide you acceptable performance and excellent battery life if a smaller laptop sounds appealing to you. It's also a bit pricey at $1000.

16GB RAM, 256GB Hard Drive, i7, 1920x1080 X260

I lied. This is the most expensive on the list. If you want a tiny laptop with a better screen and a faster CPU and drive, this is the one to go for. It is, however, $1300. Cramming those higher-quality components in a smaller frame costs, and unless you're really sold on the 12.5 inches, I would pick the Dell XPS 13.