Setting up the Multi-MAV GCS


On Ubuntu, follow the ROS installation instructions, and then run:

$ sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-mavros \
        python-{gi,gi-dev,gi-cairo,pil,requests,requests-cache} \
        libgtk-3-{0,dev} gir1.2-gtk-3.0 git


  1. Install the dependencies (see above).

  2. Create a catkin workspace (see Creating a workspace for catkin) and cd into its src directory.

  3. Clone multi_mav_gcs into the directory with git clone

  4. cd up out of the src directory, and run catkin_make.


  1. Start up the mavros nodes in their respective namespaces. You don't actually have to do this before the other steps. You do need to have a running roscore before step 3, though.

  2. In the catkin workspace, run source devel/setup.bash (or the appropriate setup script if your shell isn't bash).

  3. Run rosrun multi_mav_gcs

  4. Add the namespaces using the textbox and button at the top of the sidebar.